My words don’t need you any more

My words don’t need you anymore They have moved on to a better place. A place that doesn’t want anything from you. My words now don’t want to be heard. They are comfortable in their own skin. They are there for no reason. They just flow like water finds in own level. They will flow and find their way like water. They will quench thirst, grow a tree or a forest. They might just get wasted in a puddle or

No means No but consent is much nuanced.

The husband is a wife beater, but the wife refuses to register a Police complaint. It has been going on for years. She could really put him behind bars, but forget calling in the Police she endures it and lives with it. Does this mean that she consents to her husband beating her up? They fight like cats and dogs. She tells him to get out of the house. Everyday it is the same story. She goes hysterical and goes

Walking up to a Stranger and telling you lust for her.

Things are tough for guys. If you tell a women you really want her and if that doesn’t come out right. You could be in deep trouble. One reporter friend told me how a techie was arrested for solicing online over Linkedin. I am petrified of soliciting girls. I say girls, because I don’t have access to a pool of divorcee, middle aged women. I had decided that I was out of the dating/lust scene. But man is basically a horny animal, till he is counting his final breaths.

Publicly grieving for my father’s deaths

I got a call, it must have been 2 am or later. “Daddy passed away” the voice said. I was told to immediately leave for Bombay. This was 18th Feb 1999. I along with my 6 month pregnant wife drove 420 kms to Mumbai. I had to take more than 5 breaks to use the loo during this 10 hour drive. My bowels were emptying. There were no tears. I guess diarrhoea is a kind of crying too. Ofcourse if

How to not marry a psychopath or a sociopath

Before you marry, you need to first tick off these 2 lists for sure. Your Prince Charming or Daddy’s princess might turn out to be a psychopath or a sociopath. The reason for writing this post is I just clearly understood the distinction between a psychopath, a sociopath and a narcissist. Empathy So it all boils down to empathy. Empathy is literally putting yourself in other peoples shoes. The problem with empathy is unless you don’t understand other people pain

Birthday Wishes

So one more down and not sure how many to go. Preserving the old body takes lot of effort. You have so many things to think off. For eg. how to replenish your gut with good bacteria? how to make sure that your back doesn’t fold up or what is the tingling sensation in the brain? Is it a tumor? Why are my legs aching so much after a short daily walks? Accomplishments Anyway, a good ol’ friend called said,

Why People don’t help the people who need help.

Recently I met a man who is part of a very big NGO. He told me curtly “ If you feed stray dogs, there is always a fear that they will come and dirty your front porch”. Another friend was even more blunt, She said “ People who land in this kind of situation probably deserve and get themselves in”. The whole business of alleviating other people’s pain is Big Business. The problem is the people in the business of

Plugin the financial leak

Yesterday, I left the tap a bit open. It was dripping and I was in a hurry to get to work. Evening I came home and saw that the taps had run dry. I was furious, the overhead tank was empty. I tried to figure out how in the hell could drops of water drain away and entire tankful of water. This morning I remembered a financial advise of a old friend. He used to say , save a bit,

Dating Advise

Now don’t you wish your grand mother or Grand father has given you some dating advise earlier in your life and you could have completely avoided some bad relationships. Here is some from the podcast I recently heard. These are the 6 filters to know what kind of person you are dating. Not being in sync with either one of them means friction. In my first relationship I think I was not in sync with 4/6, in my second big

The 4 things everyone aspires for but cannot have it all.

Family Friends Sleep Money These first 3 things are tied to Money and time. The horrible diagram below will explain. Case 1 – If you have no time and no money. You have nada. You don’t have friends or family and your sleep is fucked up. Case 2 – If you have money and no time , you can have your family, but say bye bye to any social life with friends. You work 9 to 5 for your family

Blame Yourself Always

You know this is the simplest rule to remember, but we all forget it. Let me explain We all depend on others. We cannot survive in this world on our own. Sometimes the people we trust let us down. They might be doing it to protect themselves, but your interests are getting harmed. You are feeling betrayed. In this case, the mind like a old tape recorder on a loop, will start the never ending blame game. The mind has

I figured out Why the single girl has so much energy.

I get tired all the time. I wake up tired when I don’t sleep well. I wake up tired when I have tummy ache. I wake up tired when I had too much to think. Single girls are feeling emancipated. The #metoo moment along with wide protest against rapes have made her strong. But these are macro level environmental changes in the lives of the single women. But where does she get her day to day energy from ? Here

Random Acts of kindness – De-escalate a traffic gridlock.

Everything was going OK. But I had that feeling in my gut. Deep depression, about not being happy at all. I was wondering if I will ever be happy again. One of my solutions is to go near the sea when I am unhappy. The sea with its vast darkness sucks your depression. Maybe it is the fresh oxygen rich air in this polluted city which does the trick. On my walk to the promenade. I saw this huge jam.

Man in the Mirror theory debunked

I am writing this post for the explicit benefit of misguided philosophers. It is said that, if you want to change the world, you need to change yourself. Change yourself internally so that the external, material world would appear different. This philosophy was debunked by Yuval Noah Harari in his book “Sapiens”. According to Yuval, this idea about changing the internal world to change the outer world is picked by libertarians from Buddhism. He further says that libertareans has turned

Relationships on Rent.

One of the biggest worry a man has is that if he ever runs out of money, his woman will leave him (or he will have to leave her). Being together is a costly exercise, while one works the other takes care of the social and other aspects of the life. If both man and woman are working even then the responsibilities of social and administrative work is divided. A marriage or making a home together is like building a

Summer has messed up my circadian rhythm

Warning – Afternoon rant! I been going outdoor less and less. I keep my self to my desk with the airconditioner humming. I am more productive AF. But then what is my problem? My circadium rhythm is messing up. I am not producing oxytocin or serotonin. The chemicals needed to go to sleep on time. Due to the excessive heat. I am not seeing the outdoors. I am unable to sleep till 3pm in the night. This leads to a

My Bodyguard

I am not telling you the story of some Whitney Houston movie. This is my story. At the peak of my ego trip, someone suggested that I need to hire a bodyguard. Completely over estimating my importance in the world affairs I thought it was a good idea. I was given a guy who had worked for 15 years in the Military. He came in recommended and so there was no reason not to trust him. I always wanted a