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Kalyani Nagar, Pune

I remember Pune fondly. My mother had bought a house there. Dad and I used to travel there often, sometimes sister used to accompany us. Those days were the happiest days of my growing up. I had just learnt driving, I was 14/15. We had a beautiful brown Toyota which drove like a dream. Since the building was new. The bathrooms in the house with hot and cold showers felt like being in a hotel and not a house. Mother

Lets go on a Vacation – Poverty Tourism

She asked where should we go on vacation? She says – Check how many countries I have marked RED. There is no place I can think off for a vacation. I have been globe trotting since I was a teenager. I said, how about some poverty tourism then? Don’t you want to experience how the poor live? I argued – Poverty Tourism is better than all other kinds of tourism. I mean how much good food can you eat? How