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The Working Middle Class Man

He is tough. If needed he can get into a fist fight, he is always ready to do anything to defend his zar, zoru and zameen. ( Wealth, Women and Land) and that’s the ultimate duty of this Working Middle Class Man. He doesn’t like effeminate bullshit like philosophy and discussions, he believes in action. He loves blue collar work, though he himself has managed to prosper in a white collared profession. His aspirations are simple, family, family and family.


Let’s get the definition sorted. SOCIAL CAPITAL – is like a currency. Suppose you have 10 close friends. They are your social capital. Suppose you are respected and loved by your fans and your community that is again your social capital. So social capital increases if your friends and social circle think good of you and decreases if you are not nice to them. Social capital is a currency whose values increases and decreases as per time. It is dependent

Why People don’t help the people who need help.

Recently I met a man who is part of a very big NGO. He told me curtly “ If you feed stray dogs, there is always a fear that they will come and dirty your front porch”. Another friend was even more blunt, She said “ People who land in this kind of situation probably deserve and get themselves in”. The whole business of alleviating other people’s pain is Big Business. The problem is the people in the business of

My Neighbours

I try my best to maintain my privacy, but some neighbours have left a mark on my mind. For example – The house next to me, here the noise begins during weekends; there is this handsome guy who brings in a new girl every weekend. I have no issues with that, after all, young people are supposed to be promiscuous, the only issue is that they somehow like to play loud music ( and sometimes moan and groan loudly) while

Moral code of conduct for the social media and blogsphere writer.

Now calling myself a writer would be a unfair to other writers  But I do moderate a 3 large forums with about 8000 fans together. Also I need to amuse my fans and get the discussion going around to keep more fans from joining in social media. My style is a bit over the edge, every time I post a update, i think my next update should be bolder and more towards the truth than the previous one. The only problem

Shifted the personal blog to tumblr.

Looks like I will be spending lot of time working next few months, personal blogging breaks the monotony of the work. It makes you feel, you can write about yourself and you actually have a life besides work.  So Iam back to blogging, but this time I am using tumblr, since posterous is shutting down on 30th April, tumblr seems to be the obvious choice for apparent reasons.  see you on the other side! 

I am so out of the system! Beware!

Its time to warn you all, I cannot be your friend and not warn you, my conscience prods me to make a confession and to save you from my prejudices and conditionings when you run across me and happen to light up a conversation. There is a system, called family. It is the very social fabric of our society, it is the love we find in this microcosm world which enables us and gives us strength to do our duties,

I am not killing myself anytime!

A month back my sister called me, She said she had a dream that I have a brain tumour and I am dying. After a bit of enquiry with her, she revealed she had read a particularly dark blog post of mine and that had impacted her in dreaming such a scenario. I agree, I write dark posts (contrary to my frivolous and callous nature you might think) about death all the time and people reading might come to the

Disillusioned with the Virtual World

A last few weeks have been a wake up call for me. As you all know, I am very active on the world wide web, I run 5 blogs, maintain 3 twitter and FB accounts as a consequence I spend all my waking hours hanging out on virtual or social networks, need less to say this has been very enriching in terms of acquaintances and friends I have made. I have come across people from varied backgrounds and met some very