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The Gas leakage Episode. → I could have got roasted.

I was making my kitchdi. I smelled that There was a leakage but for some reason I decided to ignore The smell. Alter a while the smell was less I continued doing my thing which was listening to pocket articles & preparing for bath. I think I also did Yoga. there was an urgent knock@ the door. All my neighbours who never really get a chance to talk to me were at the door. They looked alarmed. I was a

She says she wants to die

I roam around anonymous forums looking to talk to strangers about my problems. Mostly I want to talk to people when I am stressed and anonymous forum work wonderful. It is always available and people are there because they have issues. So I was not able to sleep. I was worried sick, I thought if I can’t sleep I will surely die soon. I mean how much long can a person live if he is not able to have his

Publicly grieving for my father’s deaths

I got a call, it must have been 2 am or later. “Daddy passed away” the voice said. I was told to immediately leave for Bombay. This was 18th Feb 1999. I along with my 6 month pregnant wife drove 420 kms to Mumbai. I had to take more than 5 breaks to use the loo during this 10 hour drive. My bowels were emptying. There were no tears. I guess diarrhoea is a kind of crying too. Ofcourse if

Man in the Mirror theory debunked

I am writing this post for the explicit benefit of misguided philosophers. It is said that, if you want to change the world, you need to change yourself. Change yourself internally so that the external, material world would appear different. This philosophy was debunked by Yuval Noah Harari in his book “Sapiens”. According to Yuval, this idea about changing the internal world to change the outer world is picked by libertarians from Buddhism. He further says that libertareans has turned

Body Intelligence

 As long as I can remember, I have been fighting with my physical self, i.e., my body. As a young kid, I was always envious and in awe of my school mates, who excelled in physical sports & athletics. I had a friend who did like 100 meters in 14 seconds. I always wondered why I could not run as fast as him. Once in school, a friend hit me on my back so hard; I had difficulty breathing, (it

in sickness & in health, I will be stand by you.

Till the time, you don’t push yourself, you don’t discover the biggest limitations of your life, which is undoubtedly your physical body. To fire on all cylinders means to live a life totally, with all its dangers and complexities, but there is a catch here. The moment you start firing your 3rd barrel, (presuming you an economical four-cylinder car) you find yourself falling behind, the more your mind leaps ahead, the farther your body lags. You have two choices at

After 40 – You have been warned!

A couple of years back, a good friend and well-wisher who crossed 50 told me ” Manoj, our bodies change drastically after 40″. I looked at him like he had lost his marbles. I was fearless and used to think I can conquer the world. Now well into my early 40’s, I feel my body is behaving strangely, my injuries don’t heal faster, I eat a lot less, I sleep rather early and wake a bit too early also. I

Treat the other person if it was the last day of their life.

We all have heard the cliche phrase that “Live life as it is the last day of your life” right? This doesn’t make sense, one is when you die, you are dead for other people, the dead person has no way of knowing if he is dead, his spirit lives on if you believe in the hindu way or you got to heaven or purgatory hell if you believe in other religions. You live on even after your dead, maybe

The hidden benefits of dying.

We are all courageous enough to ask the question ” what is the point in living? ” but the real question I mean the only real question is “what are the benefits of dying? ” Living is fun, it’s exciting, it’s intoxicating, it’s pleasurable , life has everything to offer. There is pleasure in the pain and the suffering also. Your pain and suffering define who you are not the other way round. But dying? What’s the use? God way

Expanding your consciousness.

Consciousness as defined by UGK is the content of your being. Everything which makes you. Sometimes, I feel the space around me contracting, people sucking the life out of me for their own desires, their fears, they project on your consciousness they demand answers to question, they feel it’s their fundamental right to own your time and attention and bring you down on your knees. Strangers asking for attention, marketers demanding you go and buy their products. Everyone wants to

Looking at intuition in retrospect.

I am a skeptic when words like intuition, magic and esoteric rituals are referred too. It seems very loony to get involved in these stuff, but I have been greatly influenced by such people who believe in these stuff. Now looking in retrospect I see signs of my childhood intuition coming true. While I was a kid, every time I used to travel to Bandra, my eyes would get tranfixed on a store called “Satguru’s ” on linking road. Now

Quantum Leap of consciousness.

Since you guys follow me, you must all be very well how quantum physics or quantum mechanics works. Well, actually no one in the world knows how it works, so lets not kid ourselves. Quantum mechanics is the study of electrons (or something like that) where the electrons exhibits un-predictable behaviour while moving around its orbits. It basically jumps randomly and its like, now its here in africa for a moment and the next moment its in antartica. (You get

Bless you with the small joys of life!

The knock There was a knock on the door, I opened the door and she said “Oops, looks like i got the wrong house” She smiled, I gave a welcome smile (which said pleasure was all mine)”. I will never see her again, but yes she made me happy by the dazzling smile of hers. Lucky Restaurant You go to a restaurant, its packed to capacity, the manager could easily say “cannot accommodate” since you are a single person and

Joy of Giving

Now when it comes to giving someone the best, you need to know what is the best and should have necessarily experienced the lack and the fulfilment of the so called “best” . For eg. If you need to recommend some haute restaurant or dish, you need to have experienced it first hand or atleast have some first hand information about the same.  So we are all in a race to experience the “BEST” that the world has to offer and share with the person we love and

Demystifying intuition

Intuition is the most abused word in recent times, any stupid person will take any random decision and base it on their so called “Intuitive Powers”. But honestly decision making would be such a inefficient activity if people didn’t channel their intuitive powers. One philosopher has defined “Intuition as nothing more than refined thinking”. There is no super power, no clairvoyance, just refined thinking. I have started believing that. I have bull-shitted every person who claims to have intuitive powers,

The Utility of fear!

If you read any nouveau spiritual book, you will read tons of advice on why not to act in fear, why not to worry and how to overcome fear.  I have read these books and advises, of-course they make a pertinent point, also if you speak to your close ones, they will always try to instil fear in you, cause they don’t want the worst possible thing to happen to you.  But then there are times, when you are yourself

Facing your worst fears

The reasoning that I have to face my worst fear to over come them sounds ironical and a bit diabolically sucidal. But it maybe be indeed true. How else does one overcome them, my karma needs to be expatiated, if i dont overcome them or pass them, I will face them again and again till I adapt and evolve.  Anlogically speaking, if you are afraid of water , learn to swim or die, but you need a coach. In real

Bonfire of the Ego

Who Am I?  The best answer to this question was given by Osho. He says, when you ask yourself who you are, and you get a answer. Than thats what you are not, discard the same. Ask again, and then again discard it. Keep on doing this, peeling every ego identity of yours, and finally in the end, you are there. Other idea is to light a bonfire and mentally/visually throw each of your identities(ego) in to the bonfire. I