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Newsletter 3

I have not been able to write much. I want to be consistent with this weekly newsletter. So I have marked creating this newsletter as a daily habit. I plan to write at least something everyday so I can be ready at the end of the week with the newsletter.  I feel there is a complete communication breakdown between me and the world at large. I need to write and put things about myself out there. Its a kind of

Lonely City, Why Loiter, Can’t get you out of my mind.

Music I can’t get her out of my mind is a wonderful song. There are some people, you can’t get out of your mind. I wish there was a book which would help one remove people out of your mind. The thing according to Ayn Rand is that we fall in love with people is because of their virtue. This means we fall in love with the person who is perfect, until the bubble bursts. Meditate on this line – Your

My First Newsletter

So, This is my first newsletter and I have zero subscribers. Never mind. Much of what we do on social media is talk to our own damn self!  This newsletter is about what music was my ear worm in the past week. What books I am currently devouring. What are some of the articles I would like to recommend. I am not a big GIF or Meme guy. But will work on that.  Music  You got to follow Yooti music newsletter, she