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Why I went to a method acting workshop last Sunday

Around 2009 I was at a client place who had his old friend from NY a celebrity astrologer to Bruce Willis types as he claimed. So this guy was an old friend of my client, and my client did everything only after consulting him, even hiring of the key managers for his business. Since I was there, the astrologer asked to see my hand and told me that I would be a famous actor or something. Both my client and

Learning iMovie

So, I purchased an eLearning course to learn the tricks of making a movie. Before I begin the course, I decided to see how the software works. I want to use the film for mainly editing the various video footage I take on my DJCAM ( a GoPro type camera). Below is the video which takes about 3 minutes to create because of the imovie presets of a movie trailer. I don’t know, how I would be able to make

Long-boarding weekends in Sobo

So, I am spending my weekends in Sobo, mostly working all afternoon at Starbucks at Fort and then Longboarding for an hour in Sobo around Fort. Fort has some good traffic free lanes, and the roads are not bad. Also, another reason I hang around fort is for some cheap food. 🙂

My Skateboard obsession = midlife holocaust

   I have no idea, why I took up skateboarding other than any other sports, but nowadays I wake up thinking of skateboarding and go to sleep thinking what new trick I can learn in skateboarding without fracturing and breaking my old brittle bones.  Last Sunday I went to this skateboarders meetup and the oldest skatebaorder was 30. I have reason to believe I might be the oldest person in india to skatebaord. Calling this a mid-life crisis might be