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How I lost my Middleclass Status when I sold my car.

My father collected cars, like I collect Apple gadgets. I inherited 4 cars when he suddenly passed away. In that collection was his Favorite yellow left hand drive 240D Mercedes. For me the cars were just utilarian tools. Since our factories were 400 kms from mumbai. I used to drive often from Mumbai or to Mumbai. Highways were very risky and I drove very fast. There were some lucky escapes but the 400 kms drive mostly alone were a sort

Reprogramming the subsconsious mind.

It is said that our conscious mind is only 5% and the other 95% is the subconscious mind. Also th processing speed of the conscious mind is about 40000 time slower then of the subsconcious mind. If we try to to push our subconscious mind to get everything we want, we might just go crazy by over thinking or doing positive thinking. That’s why many people try their best and then let God take over. The God is th subsconsious

No means No but consent is much nuanced.

The husband is a wife beater, but the wife refuses to register a Police complaint. It has been going on for years. She could really put him behind bars, but forget calling in the Police she endures it and lives with it. Does this mean that she consents to her husband beating her up? They fight like cats and dogs. She tells him to get out of the house. Everyday it is the same story. She goes hysterical and goes

Hit the spot

I had my dinner, but the food didn’t hit the spot. I went out with friends but didn’t have a good time. I work hard, but at the end of the day, I feel there hasn’t been any progress. I have travelled, but always felt home sick. I was in a relationship and sex was very good, but we weren’t going anywhere. I am married, but I don’t think she loves me.

I went to the Astrologer Rant.

The day and time we are born gives the astrologer the computer programme code of our life. The astrologer cannot alter it, but he can read it. The programmer is some super human being, simulating our life. We humans are using the astrologer to decode this code. We don’t want to live by his programme, we have a free will, which again is programme by HIM to make us believe the same . So believing we can alter the programme

Face to Face with Big B

As a kid, growing up, I was crazy about Bruce Lee first and then Amitabh Bachchan. But as I grew up, I am no longer crazy about Big B or even watch his movies; in fact, I barely manage to watch a Hindi movie in a couple of years. I feel Hindi movies are way too long and I would rather sit at home and watch someone youtube blog. Coming Back to Big B, As a growing up young kid,

Discovering smoothie

I was not a fan of smoothie. I think a smoothie is made of yoghurt, while a milkshake is milk based. But anything blended well forming a homegenous mixture is what I would call a smoothie. I dont like like the taste of milk and recently I have discovered that yoghurt don’t suit me. So my options is now limited to nut based milk like soya or almond. I use soya mostly as it’s much cheaper than almond milk and

Balancing the extremes

Recently I met a friend after long time and while we were talking he told me that way back he did some Numerology on my name and said, “I see that your life is very extreme like you you will face extreme circumstances”  what he meant was probably a lot of ups and lots of downs” Feels like a rollercoaster ride doesn’t it? But everyone’s life does feel like a rollercoaster ride, right? But maybe mine is more I don’t

There is no such thing as integrity.

I was at this client place, he a parsi gentleman kept whining about the lack of integrity in people in India. I listened to his rant for quite sometime and then told him that there is no such thing as integrity, every one is available at a price. People who we consider to have high moral integrity are people who dont sell cheap like the rest of the people, they don't sell short and don't compromise for things which are

What is relationship?

Life is relationship and relationship is life, let's accept that. So what exactly is relationship? Is it something which you know each other like he is my brother, he is my father, she is my wife, she is my mother. Relationship is relating. If you relate to someone on the same level then you are in a relationship but what is this same level? This same level is when you drop all your ambitions when you drop all your greed,

I am fighting a Eating disorder.

There are 2 schools of thoughts as far as eating goes. A) You are what you eat which advocates on careful selection on what you should be eating. People here try various fads, go on a protein only diet, avoid carbs. OR Become a vegan, as milking a cow is an act of violence or they believe animal milk is not fit for human consumption. The strictly vegetarians believe that you take on the atribute of the animal you consume,

What were you criticised the most when you were a kid?

We all have grown up and how? We have kids now and do we ever criticise them? If we do, we need to know why we do and what are our insecurities which we impose on them? For eg. If you were always criticised for being uncouth, we would teach our children to be well mannered, would we? If we didnt get the education we think we should have had, thereby limiting our carreer growth, we will push our children

Vitality of the mind.

Are you too slow to think? Do you wish you had reacted to a situation differently? did you miss a great opportunity? Did you miss being there for a loved one when you were needed the most? Do you think you wanted to acheive more in Life? If you answer Yes to any of these Questions, you just dont have enough of Vitamin “V” V = Vitality. There are 2 kinds of Vitality, one is Vitality of the mind and

Fear of Criticism.

Recently I was reading an article by Devdutt Patnaik, India's great young Mythologist, where he refers that “Fear” is basically the inabilty to face criticsm. This really struck me, I indeed hate to be criticised, so I would rather hangout with people who would say nice things to be or have something lacking in them which I have in abundance, this balances out what they have in abundance, so its a win-win situation. But now that i know, i am

What is a home?

I am proud of myself today, i shifted home in one day. Yes! Assembled my life and my belonging in a new place in 8 hours. That includes the airconditioning and the water heater, only the broadband connection is pending. I have avoided the depressing feeling of sleeping in an empty house. Life continues without a sad pause or drops of tears. Home is basically a very private space for me, i like to just dissappear into my house, i

Want to sleep better? here is a idea.

Now if you have seen as many rains as I have, you havent possibly avoided worrying. Ofcourse worrying causes Stress and stress makes one sick, very very sick. Recently I found myself worrying too much, and I realised I was sleeping with my worries. We cannot avoid destiny, we have to live our part, play our part, though we would rather have someone else's, because advertising has given us a few fixed templates of sucess, because they wanted to make

The Ego lens

I read somewhere, when we meet people, we use different lenses to judge or measure people. The worst is the ego lens. Ego lens is basically our assumption, that we are more important, or moneyed, more knowlegeable, more charming. The problem occurs with this perspective is that when you meet someone who is not really impressed by your “more & more” and even more stuff. This can really hurt bad, and trust me it going to hurt. After one such

Is it a crush or are you in love?

Sometimes it’s important to know if it’s a crush or are you in love. Here are some pointers to know what is your case. 1) Crush is mostly one sided in reality, only in your deluded dreams can it be two sided. 2) In a crushing situation the person you are crushing may or may not know about it. If you are in love, the person might at-least care for you, if not love you back in the same intensity.