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Halwa Ya Baladi Homage to Egypt Cover By Line Sleibi

This Egyptian song has become my ear worm this week! This song was sung in the 1970’s by an Egyptian singer. The cover is sung by Lina who is absolutely marvellous at it. The musicians have also done an amazing job. The setting on the terrace create the most mesmerising atmosphere and you feel transported to Palestine, where Lina Sleibi comes from. Helwa Ya Baladi is an homage to Egypt by Dalida (the singer) who was born in Egypt. Below

Lonely City, Why Loiter, Can’t get you out of my mind.

Music I can’t get her out of my mind is a wonderful song. There are some people, you can’t get out of your mind. I wish there was a book which would help one remove people out of your mind. The thing according to Ayn Rand is that we fall in love with people is because of their virtue. This means we fall in love with the person who is perfect, until the bubble bursts. Meditate on this line – Your

If I could write a song or a poem for every relationship

Today Leonard Cohen passed away, After reading this rather long piece by David Remnick, you realise most of his songs was autobiographical. Leonard had several romantic relationships, and he has beautifully portrayed them in his songs. I have had my share of relationships and I realised how each one was beautiful and unique in some ways, but I am just not a poet or a songwriter to describe them like Leonard. I feel being a good writer or being able

How Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) made me an Atheist.

Nowadays I don’t get influenced by Hindi movies, but when I was a kid, the only way for a new idea to take roots in my brain was via Hindi films, and mostly it was the special occasion of watching an Amitabh movie. I guess no other film has impacted me more than the movie Deewar. Amitabh’s character Vijay in Deewar is how I modelled myself, along with a strong influence of Bruce Lee my other Hero. Our household wasn’t

Alien love

  We were light years away Alien for each other, faraway.. Galaxies traversed, stars aligned to see a faint signal of Orion constellation ahead Yes, we have communicated, but light years apart We remain strangers, stargazers, hoping to cross the intergalactic highway Dodging the hurtling meteor showers and asteroids , We will see the same sun over our heads someday.    

Faiz Shayari From Merchant Ivory Movie “in Custody”

Lately, I have stumbled upon some Merchant Ivory movies. My favourite so far was this movie called “In custody” where the theme is about the loss or less use of Urdu language. Check out this song, its can be a consoling song when you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Heavy Heart meets dancing feet.

The heart is heavy suddenly, you cannot breathe well. You feel a pain, the pain is external, its the realisation of your loss, it’s the hope lost, it the nail in the coffin, its the square peg in the round hole. The feet start tapping, out of nowhere the body is swaying and grooving. All the heaviness of the heart is gone now, you are dancing with the ones you love, though they may be far away.

Kurai Onrum Illai (No Regrets Have I) A rendering of the Tamil composition of C. Rajagopalachari

No regrets have I My lord, None. Lord of the Written Word, My light, my sight, My very eyes No regrets, None. Though you stand Where I behold you not My light, my very eyes, Protector of all earthlings I know you sustain me Lord of the Venkata Hill so pure You meet my hunger, my thirst My hope, my prayer You keep me from harm, Lord of the Sparkling Gems, I need naught else Father of the Seven Hills,

Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

This is a movie which made me cry, it’s a incredibly sad war time movie, the idea was to depict the cruelty and effect of war on children, and it succeeds. Do watch it! Grave of the Fireflies (1988) A tragic film covering a young boy and his little sister’s struggle to survive in Japan during World War II. Sent from the IMDb iPad app. | IMDb on Facebook | IMDb on Twitter

Burn the Witch

There has been a deluge and not a drop to drink whom do you blame Burn the Witch she is there to be claimed. Famine has ravaged your land, You are hungry for blood Kill the elderly or force hunger on your kids? Steak the Witch cause the Witch is always to be blamed. The war is over, the conflict is not you play to win, someone has to lose Religious fanaticism is the “in” thing Turn the switch, Burn the witch she who

Thanking all people who helped me on my path to Awareness! and some music for Saturday Night.

What a Year 2009 has been. I have never been so consciously aware of myself. I can say well I lived 2009 in awareness, and have taken some decisions fearlessly. What a beautiful year!! So let me start by thanking people, in case you are embarrassed by my public display of love, please let me know, I will take your name off. 1)      _______________________ 2)      ______________________ 3)      ______________________ Okay I was kidding. I would rather thank you all in person.